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Women Set 1
8 x 3ML Perfume Bottles
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The suite of scents in this set was chosen for women with a sense of style, elegant and walks with easy between luxurious showcases. It also reflects a modern women’s desire to constantly experience life's little pleasure.

Scent: Romantic Floral, Fruity Style: Alluring, Feminine, Spirited and Sensual

Perfume 1. Inspired by Escape, Calvin Klein
A romantic, luxurious floral and fruity feminine fragrance with with a hint of marine scent. Style: Alluring, Enchanting, Passionate

Perfume 2. Inspired by 5th Avenue, Elizabeth Arden
5th Avenue is a world-famous street; it is a symbol of wealth, imagination that has turned into reality. This is a fragrance for a woman who possesses a sense of style, a woman which is intelligent, successful, elegant, and easily walks between luxurious showcases, feeling good in her own skin. Style: Alluring, Feminine, Sophisticated

Perfume 3. Inspired by Pleasure, Estee Lauder
Pleasures is a rich bouquet of fresh flowers after the rain, which is designed to suit "every woman in every season and at every moment". Pleasures reflects a modern woman's desire to experience life's little pleasures every day. Style: Spirited, Uplifted

Perfume 4. Inspired by Still, Jennifer Lopez
Still is sensual as sable over bare skin. As delicate as pink satin. As refreshing as a first sip of champagne. This fragrance is a sheer, sexy blend of fluid, spicy notes mingled with soft blossoms, warmed by soothing woods. A sophisticated flacon, inspired by antique mercury glass, captures the light. Pure femininity. Style: Sexy, Delicious, Sensual

Perfume 5. Inspired by For Her, Narciso Rodriquez
The new modern aroma is aimed at the modern and free woman, who is aware of her sexuality. Popularity of this fragrance (regardless of its unusual composition and a heavy character, and perhaps exactly because of that) is easy to explain because it reflects a desire of every woman to attract and seduce, and this fragrance has openly sexual character. Style:Seductive. Feminine. Velvety

Perfume 6. Inspired by Baby Doll, Yves Saint Lauren
Baby Doll is fun and elegant fragrance with unusually fresh and youthful gourmand charm. Baby Doll woman is charming, playfully seductive-sha has a wonderful sense of humour. Style: Spirited, Playful, Fresh

Perfume 7. Inspired by Cool Water for Women, Davidoff
The scent is very calm with luscious, cool and aquatic notes that reminds us of ocean breeze and cool sea-water, fruits and woods. Style: Energised, Fresh, Sensual

Perfume 8. Inspired by Apple Blossom, Body Shop
A crunchy, zesty, fruity green fragrance to wake the senses, with contrasting velvety rich mid tones and a lingering warm musk finish. Style: Feminine, Fresh, Sensual 


Women Set 2
8 x 3ML Perfume Bottles
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This set is created for intuitive women who are always in control but yet never overpowering. This set consists of fragrances which are distinctive, inspiring, sensual and elegant. The set is especially dedicated for women with their own trail of glory and success.

Scent: Exquisite Floral, Oriental Style: Sophisticated, Daring, Seductive and Feminine.

The 8 bottled scents includes in this box set:

No 1. Inspired by Tresor, Lancome
Tresor is a treasure among perfume creations (‘tresor’ in French means ‘treasure’). Tresor Is Classified As A Sharp, Oriental, Floral Fragrance and is recommended for evening use. Style: Feminine, Seductive

No 2. Inspired by Envy, Gucci
Envy could be compared to a breeze that brings spring into the city. It incarnates playful seduction, magnetic appeal, intimacy and delectation. Style: Daring. Sexy. Arresting.

No 3. Inspired by Heaven, One Drop Perfumes
Heaven is a blend of warmth and mystery. Generally, floral notes and precious woods arecomplemented by exotic essences. This fragrance is mostly worn in evening to add mystical,luxurious, dramatic and sensual character. Style : Serene, Feminine, Radiant and Cheerful

No 4. Inspired by Eternity for Women, Calvin Klein
Eternity For Women is a beautiful and alluring fragrance for women. It is a fragrance that has a luscious blend of fresh cut grass, light fruit notes against a background of flowers and demure musk and sandalwood. This fragrance is dedicated to luxurious, elegant and sophisticated women. Style: Alluring, Luxurious, Sophisticated

No 5. Inspired by Gloria, Cacharel
Cacharel Gloria is a creation by Cacharel with a heart of oriental freshness and is meant to be exotic. Style: Individual, Modern, Passionate

No 6. Inspired by Miracle, Lancome
This fragrance can be exactly described by two words: energy and revelation. The beauty lies in living, in maintaining interests, in seeing and cherishing every second of life as a miracle, and in the ability to start all over again. Style: Confident, Energised

No 7. Inspired by J'adore, Dior
Dior J'Adore is a luminous and feminine fragrance that possesses an exquisite floral bouquet. A floral fragrance which symbolizes absolute, sophisticated and glamourous femininity. Style: Confident, Sensual

No 8. Inspired by Intense, Hugo Boss
Boss Intense is a warm and sensual fragrance created for women with initiative; she’s in control being strong and feminine at the same time. A fragrance which is distinctive, inspiring, intense, sensual and elegant. Style: Elegant, Feminine, Sensual


Women Set 3
8 x 3ML Perfume Bottles
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This set is dedicated to women who the oozes self-confidence and assurance with little intimidation for male’s ego. The range of fragrances found in this set is sensual, bright, fresh and energetic which matches the persona of a bold and charming individual.

Scent: Oriental-Musky, Woody Style: Alluring, Elegant, Sophisticated and Sensual.

No 1. Inspired by Sweet Dreams, One Drop Perfumes
This is a sparkling fragrance created for woman who is dare to be different, without sacrificingher feminity and elegance. Sweet Dreams is for the no-frills younger generation which portraysenterprising, modern and urban. Style : Adventurous, Daredevil

No 2. Inspired by Be Delicious, DKNY
This is a bright, fresh and energetic fragrance, which matches a picture of a bold, but charming woman. Style: Free-spirited. Refreshing. Unique.

No 3. Inspired by Light Blue, Dolce & Gabbana
D&G Light blue is a casual and breezy, sparkling fruity-floral scent that evokes the spirit of the Sicilian summer. Style: Alluring, Cool, Refreshed

No 4. Inspired by Vanilla Musk, Coty
Created as a refined, oriental and woody fragrance. Simple fragrance that brings a nice sense of femininity. Style: Simple, Refreshing

No 5. Inspired by Sunflower, Elizabeth Arden
Sunflowers is a refined, aquatic fragrance with a blend of fruity, fresh florals. The fragrance symbolizes the sun, capturing its goodness, naturalness and energy. The sunflower best represents what women today strive to become: strong, beautiful, healthy, smart & intuitive. Style: Fresh, Sophisticated, Unforgettable 

No 6. Inspired by Women Boss, Hugo Boss
As a statement for strong, modern women, BOSS Woman fashion and fragrance are all about easy self-confidence, sophistication and self-assurance born of success - expect everything. Style: Confident, Modern, Sensual

No 7. Inspired by Palace, Paris Hilton
Palace opens with a sheer sophistication. The fragrance makes a grand entrance with sparkling top notes that epitomize the high society girl. It exudes a youthful energy that's perfect for wearing day and night. Style: 
Sensual, Cheerful and Luminous 

No 8. Inspired by Poeme, Lancome
Poeme is a river, a burst of flowers cascading with emotion.The olfactory notes are used like words to rhyme and create the movement. The Poeme woman has an intensely deep gaze that exudes sincerity. She declares her undying love through her fragrance. Poeme is two personalities in one, its cheerful and luminous yet abundantly sensual. 


Women Set 4
8 x 3ML Perfume Bottles
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The scent specifically put together for elegant mature ladies with a casual elegance and captivating sensuality. These are known as very attractive and recognizable fragrances. Simply timeless and irresistible, just like loving someone endlessly.

Scent: Floral-Musky, Woody Style: Warm, Extravagant and Hypnotizing.

No 1. Inspired by Coco Mademoiselle, Chanel
The scent is specifically for an elegant mature lady with casual elegance and captivating sensuality. Style: Sensual, Elegant

No 2. Inspired by L'eau D'Issey, Issey Miyake
L'Eau d'Issey awakens a feeling of total beauty.L'Eau d'Issey is a pure floral with musky and woody tones. A very complex fragrance, the scent is suitable for those who is fresh, sparkling yet warm appareance. Style: Fresh. Warm. Sparkling.

No 3. Inspired by Lolita Lempicka, Lolita Lempicka
Lolita Lempicka fragrance leads us towards an object of desire, a a rare olfactory emotion, unexpected yet very familiar. An enchanting, disconcerting, crisp floral fragrance. This fragrance is a fairytale for women. Rich in symbols borrowed from tales of love, it transports us to a world that enchants our daily lives. Style: sensual, romantic, and enchanting

No 4. Inspired by Baby Jasz, One Drop Perfumes
Baby Jasz is defined as to create a provocative, dramatic impact to any woman who wears it. Theperfume will draw such an emotive reaction from the surrounding people. This is precisely whatthe scent evokes, with its unsettling, charismatic and seductive fragrance which is difficult toignore. Style : Romantic, Confident, Sensual

No 5. Inspired by Poison, Christian Dior
Mysterious and mesmerizing, extravagant and bewitching, Poison is a magic potion for modern times. Audacious and profoundly feminine, the fragrance is an unsettling harmony, a fusion of contrasting olfactory facets. Style: Hypnotizing. Extravagant. Bewitching 

No 6. Inspired by Happy, Clinique
Clinique Happy is a fragrance of joy, the essence of a sunny, happy morning. Wear Happy and be happy! It is a sparkling floral fragrance that arouses a state of complete happiness with a unique blend of vibrancy, clarity and feminine sensuality. What you smell is a hint of citrus and a wealth of flowers. It's fresh, bright, soft and sensual. Style: Chic. Modern. Sparkling

No 7. Inspired by Rush, Gucci
Gucci Rush is very attractive and recognizable fragrance, impulsive and irresistible, just like the love at first sight. Style: This fragrance is euphoric and intoxicating.

No 8. Inspired by Sunset Heat, Escada
The summer day’s heat is behind. While the evening is approaching, our senses become sharp, pleasures is what we long for. Style: Seductive. Vibrant. Sweet. 


Women Set 5
8 x 3ML Perfume Bottles
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This set commemorates today's women who are liberating, cheeky and joyful. Simply women of modern icon. This range emits vibrant and casual scents that perfectly knitted into the high-paced contemporary city life.

Scent: Floral and fresh Style: Spontaneous, Optimistic, Relaxed and Energetic.

No 1. Inspired by Fairy Dust, Paris Hilton 
This is a refreshing angelic scent for women. Be prepared to captivate your audience with the sensual personality but still maintaining the confidence antique that lies in you. Style: Charismatic, Elegant and Intimate 

No 2. Inspired by Flower, Kenzo 
A vibrant, fresh & sensual fragrance, Kenzo Flower belongs to the floral family of fragrances. Clear and unusual, this fragrance links nature with city, emotions with a high-paced contemporary city life. Style: Feminine, Individual, Spontaneous

No 3. Inspired by Eau De, Givenchy 
Eau de Givenchy embodies a woman full of “joie de vivre”, spontaneity and gaiety. She has a natural charme and she seduces with a cheerful carefree. The fragrance sublimates the elegance of a dynamic, joyful and relaxed woman in a dazzling freshness. Style: Relaxed yet elegant

No 4. Inspired by Magnifique, Lancome 
This intense and deep scented fragrance is a symbol of passion and expresses an audacious woman. Style: Feminine, lovely, young, optimistic

No 5. Inspired by Gardenia, Elizabeth Taylor
Gardenia is created for more mature women who maintains the grace and elegance whenever surrounded by people. They are romantic, independent and mischievous at times, one who's not afraid of taking risk. Style: Sweet, Romantic and Feminine 

No 6. Inspired by Madame, Jean Paul Gaultier 
Jean Paul Gaultier celebrates today's woman. Rebellious, cheeky and joyful... she's a modern garçonne. Style: Enegertic, Fresh, Captivating

No 7. Inspired by Pure Poison, Christian Dior 
For the seductress within, here's a fragrance for a new generation of seductress. Pure Poison is a modern floral based on a white flower bouquet, infused with fresh amber. A radiant scent, it emits both purity and seduction with a first impression of soft flowers and the lingering allure of woody-amber and sexy musks. Style: Luminous. Textured. Seductive.

No 8. Inspired by Midnight Fantasy, Britney Spears
It is a sexy and mischievous fragrance with the strapline Magic begins at Midnight. A delicious combination of florals and musks including freesia and amber. Style: Individual, Mysterious, Sexy 


Women Set 6
8 x 3ML Perfume Bottles
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This set comprises enchanting scents inspired by the multiple expressions that characterize modern femininity. These fragrances represent urban women seeking for distinctive feminine scents.

Scent: Fruity Floral, Musky Style: Refreshing and Captivating

No 1. Inspired by Secret Obsession, Calvin Klein 
Obsession is a lovely deep, sexy and sensual scent and this scent epitomises relaxed glamour and sexuality. The main theme of this assured, sexual perfume is amber. This dominant note is surrounded by woods, orientals and fruits. Style: Passionate, Powerful, Sensual

No 2. Inspired by Essence, Narciso Rodriguez
Essence is a pure, sensual, luminous fragrance with a modern heart of musk. A layer of rose petals creates a radiant impression, and hints of amber and powdery iris bring the scent to completion. Style: Sexy, Ultra Feminine

No 3. Inspired by Aqua Allegoria, Guerlain
The name of this lush scent alone brings the promise of freshness. As she goes out to meet her new destiny, it brings along an entourage of the most sparkling notes of honor: clementine and blood orange add their joyful accents to a cocktail of fresh citrus fruits and a garland of white flowers set in a ribbon of ivy. Style: Sparkling. Radiant. Luminous.

No 4. Inspired by Ocean Lounge, Escada
The fragrance features a cool and refreshing combination of exotic summer fruits. Sweet strawberry meringue and delicate frozen lychee are blended with Kakadu plum and Anjou pear nectar to create tantalising overtones that conjure memories of carefree summer. Style: Fresh, Captivating, Active

No 5. Inspired by Boss Orange, Hugo Boss
A captivating scent inspired by the multiple expressions that characterise modern femininity. Powerfully enchanting with a smooth, velvety texture. This fragrance represents urban, natural, modern woman searching for a feminine fragrance. Style:Beautiful, intriguing, free, charismatic and spontaneous

No 6. Inspired by Cheap & Chic, Moschino 
Cheap and Chic by Moschino is a beautiful, feminine and warm bouquet as emotional as a memory and as intense as a love affair.This sparkling fragrance exhales a very floral bouquet of arum lily, May rose, and freesia, heightened by a fruity-aromatic note, that brings a wave of freshness and gaiety. It is suitable for women who wants to be heard and at the same time being romantic. Style : Adventurous, Fresh and Playful

No 7. Inspired by Gregarious, One Drop Perfumes 
Gregarious is created to evoke the sensuality and the ardor of a woman who surrenders topassion. The fragrance is extremely provocative so as to give women an ardent and irresistiblepower of seduction. Style : Provocative, Sexy and Charismatic

No 8. Inspired by Secret Wish, Anna Sui
Secret Wish is fairy-like perfume for all those who believe in fairytales. It ie meant for Poetic and very feminine style women.Style: Carefree, Feminine, Refreshed